Search and Autocomplete
Gain control on the design of the search features of your applications. Give your users the power to find information. Deliver a modern search engine on top of your business data, without wasting valuable project time.
An autocomplete for OutSystems
Unlike other autocomplete solutions that are available for OutSystems, the Search and Autocomplete was developed specifically for OutSystems applications. It is the only one that gives you full control on the results appearance.
Easily build your autocomplete
Stop messing with JavaScript or CSS, or hard to use APIs. Use placeholders to lay out the autocomplete, instead of constructing a list with keys and values. Be notified when a result is selected, hook up your business logic, and you're done!
Sleek design time preview
You will love the autocomplete component not only for the runtime experience, but also for the design experience. A component that doesn't break your layouts, maintains your every pixel-perfect alignment, and simply looks pretty.
Reuse autocompletes
Together with the Event System component, it is possible to define an autocomplete once, and reuse it many times. Now you can architect important autocomplete controls for your system, without worrying about change management.
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